Who do we compare?

We aim to find better deals for you by constantly searching millions of products Australia-wide from 1000’s of retailers. Our results list displays the retailers we found offering the same or similar products.

While we try to find the best available prices online, Zyft does not guarantee we will always find every Australian retailer selling the same product. This means our displayed prices might not always show the best available product match and price on the internet, but they will always show the best available product match and price from Zyft’s approved retailer list.

The prices we display only show the price of the product and do not take into account shipping, delivery or other fees. The prices we display reflect the price available to the public, and do not reflect conditional discounts such as VIP, loyalty or membership discounts. So, we really do compare apples to apples! If you happen to find a cheaper product price or a new retailer, please let us know!